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Session 1: Sep 7, 5-6 PM

Session 2: Sep 13, 5-6 PM

Session 3: Sep 19, 5-6 PM

Upson 222


Upperclassmen deadline: August 31, 11:59 PM ET

Freshmen and transfer students deadline: September 28, 11:59 PM ET

All students must complete the two-part application process:

If you are interested in having a coffee chat with one of our members, feel free to email us with which subteam you are interested in!

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Subteam Overviews

Aerodynamics and Controls

The Aerodynamics and Controls subteam designs and manufactures the wings, tail, and control surfaces of our aircrafts. This subteam conceptualizes the configuration and design of the plane's flight surfaces to best achieve each year's mission goals. These designs are then manifested through hand calculations, CAD software, and flight-dynamics analysis software. This subteam is responsible for making the plane take flight and complete its missions efficiently.

Mechanical and Structural

The Mechanical and Structural subteam works on the development of the body of the aircraft, including the fuselage, the landing gear, and the additional mechanisms required to complete the competition's missions. The subteam has to create novel designs to achieve the competition objectives.Without their efforts, the airplane doesn't get off the ground or come home safely.


The Propulsion subteam is responsible for the selection, optimization, wiring of electronic components, and sizing of propellers to power the aircraft. The team uses hand calculations and softwares such as eCalc to determine the appropriate components for competition. This subteam ensures that the plane has enough power and time to complete the missions.


The Business subteam presents opportunities for members to develop both technical and non-technical skills. The subteam is responsible for managing team finances, advertising and outreach, working with social media, fundraising, and designing content. The subteam works to maintain DBF's online and on-campus presence and to manage the team's budget and crowdfunding activities for supplies and projects.