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Subteam Overviews

Aerodynamics and Controls

The Aerodynamics and Controls subteam provides experiences that are directly applicable to the aerospace industry. Members gain a deep understanding of aircraft flight characteristics, proficiency in relevant software, and valuable manufacturing skills. Specifically, you will be responsible for the selection and creation of the plane’s airfoils and the layout for the plane’s flight surfaces. You will learn to design using CAD software. You will conduct analysis with hand calculations and run simulations in CFD software, including AVL, XFoil, and ANSYS Fluent. Finally, you will learn key manufacturing methods to bring your ideas to life.

Mechanical and Structural

As a member of the Mechanical and Structural subteam, you will mainly be responsible for the design and fabrication of the aircraft’s fuselage and any additional mission-specific mechanisms. You will create designs and conduct analysis with Solidworks and ANSYS. You will gain hands-on experience in manufacturing your designs and combining the work done by other subteams into a single flight vehicle. Throughout the process, you will become well-versed in many different aspects of aircraft design while also having the chance to achieve specialization in your area of interest. Subteam members are encouraged to embark on projects that will both satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and contribute to the team’s success, such as experimental flight test setups, automatic folding wings, and payload delivery systems.


The interdisciplinary nature of the Business subteam presents opportunities for members to develop both technical and non-technical skills. The subteam is mainly responsible for conducting outreach, managing team finances, and creating and designing content. You will be expected to help maintain our online and on-campus presence. This may include designing graphics for social media posts, recruitment events, and team logos, as well as web design and development for the team's website. You will track and manage team finances, such as approving purchases, ordering supplies, and establishing and maintaining sponsorship relationships. Lastly, communication is especially emphasized for this subteam, as the Business subteam must ensure that the team is well supported.